One lone time ago, there was a most pious shepard. He was most blissfull in life as he had both a butiful wife and a newborn son, who wore the mark of Yuma, that was his most precious possession in the world.

One day as the shepard was out with his sheeps, one was stuch by the edge of a lake. As the shepard stretched down to help the poor creature from drowning, he was suddenly grab hold by a dark looking merfolk with a visious grin. He said: "You had your sheeps drinking from my lake without my permission nor without any compensation, give me a reason for why I should not have you emediatly drowned?" The shepard was in panic, he could feel the strong creature drag him towards the water, in a moment of weeknes he promised anything if he was let go. The merfolk then said that the man was to come back with his child and the debt would be paid.

The man was sad beyond his life, as he came home he had made a decision, and as such, he went to the king with his son instead, and told of what had happened, and as such asked the king to take him in. The king agreed and assigned the boy to his court mage Jasof, who took the boy in as his own and begun to teach him his ways.

The years went and the boy grew into that of a man. But as he became older, he felt a need to leave his home and serch his own fortune, and so one day he convinced Jasof that he should head for something new. He packed his things and left towards the north. One day as he let his horse dring water from a nearby lake, the merfolk jumped up from the water and dragged him down. But the boy did not drown, the merfolk had put on him a bouble that let him breath. Down and down they went into the dark abyss of the murky water.

When the boy woke up he was laying on a bed of moss in a cavern of sorts. The merman had taken the boy to his home under sea, and there he presented the lad to his doughter to whom he wished him to marry.

While the girl was pleasing to the eye, they had nothing in common, in fackt he did not even know her.


The boy ask to instead do another favour of the merman instead of taking her hand in marriage, but the father does not approve, the boy say then that if they are to marry, then according to his costums, he need to fulfill a few reqests as does the doughter.

But both manage all he asks of them, and as such