"He traveled with thunder and flame, leadear of the twelve, his gift was that to man."

The leadear of the TwelveEdit

The god known as Antil is described as a large being, at least twise the size of the largest man and the streangth of hundread. He could jump a mountin and move with the spead of sound. He was one of the first to have learned of magic and is said to have made the language of which to weild it.

All of this he gifted man, as he lifted them from the heels of the dragons cruel rule.

Most of all was that the folk thought his mask gave him the power to sumon the dead to fight for him. Clouds of cold mist always near when he walked about.


Like all the rest of the Gods, he whore a armor made of precious metals, and a mask that covered his face. This was his symbol, sun shaped form, with round holes for eyes, one side whas white and the other black. This is though of as the mask of power, giving its warer the power to rule like the gods.