About the pesson, keeper of grate many things, even time.

Older then Most, Keeper of MoreEdit

Bjarn was a verry old dragon, even by their standards. And he was the one who conied the expresion "Hord like a dragon". But was most interesting was his fasination of storys. He was widly known in the comunitys as having the largest library there ever was, and had read it all. All this knowlege and other things, be it gemstones or fethers. Minerals or pebels, he had an unquenseble thirst for more. It therefor came to people saying he even stored time itself in his home.

Aspect of KeepsakeEdit

Upon his passing his home was rearanged to an open museum and library in his honor. And through his large impact on his society as a whole he was named "Aspect of Keepsake". Belived to be the worlds keeper for knowledge, time and even life itself. Keeping it all safe in his name.

When the library was destryoed during the end of the Dragon age, much was lost in tearms of belongings and scriptures. The library was then resored again later during the Golden age by the city of Teluvia and is the now gratest library on Khairan.