In acient days there once was a brother with the name of earth, his power was that of the grounds and the rocks. His sister was called river, a being of water and with power of such. Siblings as they where, they knew piece and happiness, but also rivalry and trickery as such things there is between kin.

One day brother earth wanted to show his might to his sister, so with all of the streanght he ever could muster, he pulled and strained untill the mighty mountin of Rahali had moved from it's grip in the ground and moved away from the ocean on to the dry of land.

Braging to his younger sister that no streangt could equal his, and such a feet could never be matched. Where upon his sister only awnsered with a chuckle so bright; "While your strengt is grate indeed oh brother of mine, I dear say that moving that mountin even I could have done". At this he was angry and called her a lier, wish for her proof rather then words. At this she did awnser; "Wery well my big brother, this show you I shall."

And so she walked to the mountin and then quite soon, river came back. At this luaghed her brother and said move it she could not, but at that she only awnsered; "Not to day perhaps brother of mine, but await untill next, and I will show you my might".

And so went the days, and the story repeat, she made her walk, to the mounin away, only to return just a short time between. And the brother he laghed and said she never would make it, and she only awnsered; "Not today my dear brother, but tommorow I will."

But then so one day, when earth woke up in the dawn, for what did he see, but the mountin had moved. Back to it's place to where it had begun, astuned was he with no awnser to how. He went to his sister and asked for the way, to which she had done, what only he should have been able to do. At this she awnsered with with kindness in voice: "Well brother so dear, anyone can move a mountin, it only needs to be done stone by stone".


While many belive that earth and river are two Nymphos that might have existed for real, it is unclear however they ever actually moved the mountin. That being said, around the time the story was told, a mighty earthquake had been, beliving it might have moved the mounin to the point it inspired the story to begin with.

The story is popular with the nympos and the last line is a common used proverb that speak of their patience comming from long age.