About the race, come from unknown, memory of all, and chackeld to the soul.


Origin - Beond the horizon

No one know of where they exactly come, at least no one else but themselfs, and they do not tell. But the most probable theories are that they either where one of the other original races along with the dragons, and where concored in a long time ago. While others belive they are actually Araf, summoned by the dragons long before man found the other relm. The only thing actually known is that they came fore at the latest during the Dragon age, before the arival of the old gods.


There is no set bilology to be found amonst the existing djinn. They all have their own astetic and abilitys, but all are highly magical and powerfull, but also bound by their own powers to objects or places. Unable to travell beond their prisson without help froum another.

Notable DjinnEdit

  • ccc


  • ccc

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