The Eon is a virus nest with a collected hive mind. It has a physical body of black (light absorbing) liquid with cracs of energy vissable from different places in random paterns. Some has later made the comparison to a black hole.

It has enourmous powers and abilitys, first and formost it is consuming of high energy targets such as raw magic, panets, stars.

The Eon was hunting for the group of Khassan who had made setelments on Khairan and begun to devour magic to feed itself. As the Khassan fought it they where killed or flead after their plan to trap the being failed, leaving the device known as the Tomb and left. The Eon recollected itself after battle and began anew it's decent, and the ruling regents who had been noted of it's arrival manage to use the device left to trap the entity.

The Eons powers manifest in it's ability to infest and control lesser beings though it's virus that multiplies within it's host and finaly fully converts the being into that of the hive. some such beings has been left after the battle with the gods. Refered to the natives as Hydra, Abomination and Centaur. Thees creatures all originate from the Eon but as the being is locked up, it has lost control of the monsters.

Another ability of the Eon is it's ability to read minds of others as well as probing minds and dream walking even in it's locked up state.

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