This is a listing of all tales collected by Albrecht Faringway during his travels. All are published through his book with the name Faringway's Story collection. Links below for each story collected in the original book. After second publications with the extra added historys, the book was split into three

List of the first book:


One thing that is repetidly common reference is that of human sheppards, ofthen as a symbol for a good or honnest man. This most ofthen thought to be as the shepards where the clergymen of old, spreading the word of the old gods.

Another character steriotype that are ofthen reacuring is the villany of dragons, making mahem and killing as they travel, ofthen also doing trickery and deceet throug their ability to change chape and their greed for power and treasure is ofthen a example of bad behaviour.

Tomtur is also ofthen reacuring in less urban stories as many a farmsted and forest was inhabited by them, they ofthen helped travelers or their housholds and are therefor depicted as a magic helper that gives clues or artifacts to the storys hero to help them on their way.

Many tales have in later revrites writen in the aspects of Khairan in many of the storys instead of the original characters, this change began already during the golden age when the tales was first collected, therefore is it far from possible some of the original interpritations are lost.