"Tactitian and technisian, the most bright and cleaver, his gift he bestowed on the most little of folk."

Knowledge is powerEdit

It is said he is maried to Suraa and is said to be the most cleaver of them all. Antil's most trusted advisor and seer of all. Some though that he could even see into that of the future, knowing even the ends of time. A drop of this wisdom, and still as vast as the ocean, he gave to the Tomtur who recived brilians of mind, and acces to his knowledge, but he did not much trust in that of the magic, and therefore had little to bestow on the creatures in gray.

The powers of his mask, is said to wisper of the knowledge of all his pets and spys. To his evergowing pool of wisdom.


His armor the most briliant of all, glowing with energy, as if filled to the brim, a siluet so slim, and still imposing as few. His mask was uneven and detaled, with eyes of a dozen.