About the race, small as apples, filed with magic, hiden away.

Origin - Shards of magicEdit

The Fay was a second generation race created by the gods. Unlike the other races though, the fay had an unusual being as if more a being of magic then that of being "human" as most other races.

Their ApparenceEdit

Their apparence is almost ofthen tiny, not much larger then an apple or two, their apparence can be seen as something closer to that of nymphos in bodey shape. Their ears are longer though then most races and quite ofthen their hair can be grow to be at least the lenght of their bodey. On their back they have tiny wings, whos size and form can very quite a lot between that of a birds to that of insects. Most of them do dress in what the nature gives them, the few that stay and live in the city life use what they find there.

The Gift - That which cannot be gained.Edit

Their prowres in magic is at least as grate as any other of the folk. Though most Fay can only do a handfull of spells, with no real patern of how thees are chosen.

Pre. KatalystEdit

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After KatalystEdit

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