A whoman searching for the love of her life

As such she serch and serch, until a shepard tells her to seek out the smith in the forest. But warns her to always dress as a man, not to reveal her true apparence.

He ask her to be his apprentice and after a year she should be able to find her true love with the thing that she makes.

But what she makes after the year is done is a iron bow, the smith say that if she shoots it, she will find her gratest love at the end of the arrow. So she shoots and follows it until she comes to a smith in the deep. He tells her to be his apprentice for two years and then she will know of her gratest love. As such she makes Iron choose when her time is done. And The smith say that if she walks with the shoose in any direction, she will end up where she will find her gratest love.

As she walked for a time, she finds herself at the glass mountin which she climbs with her sharp iron shoos, up there she finds a smithy that say If she is his apprentice for three years, she will finaly find her gratest love.

The she finaly makes a iron map, that shows the world. and with this she will know the location of what she loves the most.

It points at her home to where she began, and when she comes home, she learns that the city needs a smithy and as there is no one beter, she agrees to do it. As time goes by, she realize that there is no grater love then when she creates things in her forge, as her work has become her gratest love there is. And if she had not dressed as a man, she would only have ever been a smithes wife.