"The eays of the sea, is everchanging and as vast as the sky"


As the Merfolk was the least interactiv with the way of the gods, in their abandonment, they instead fell back to their old ways, before the Khassans.

Belif and GodsEdit

The belif of the Merfolk is that the the Ocean first covered all of land, but as some merfolk did not want to stay under the waters, but life in the sky above, they pleeded to  the godess Iuni who took pity upon their souls and lifted some of the land above the sea for them to live on, but with the promice of never to return, and that is why the folk above cannot breath under water.

They belive that the goddess Iuni and her huspand Aso are the rulers of the sea, and therefor the true world. They have many children who control fiferent parts of the world under the waves.

Rules and ScriptureEdit

Their belife is not noted in any one place, but in different rocks in temples throughout the seas, and for a merfolk to become a preist, he most travel them all and learn their wordings by hart, then he can open a themple of his own and spread the tales only by mouth to any who needs the words or guidence of the gods.

The spiritual rules they live by state that the female is holy and it is the mans burden and previlige to protect her against all. More then that they also belive that if one leave for land, even as they are able through the shape changing gift, they when doing so cast away the protection of the goddes and is therefor branded for this upon their return if they do.

Holidays and PractiseEdit

They have many a holidays, each one is a birthday celebration of the child of their god and godess. They also celebrate a few different other specific dates, stated by their local kings and queens who have made national holidays in the name of different priests or events.

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The followers of the Fooun belive that when a spirit leaves it shell, they escape in form of water, and return to the grate sea, that is why they always wish to die at sea, and not in the ocean so they can join with their kin and be part of the grate sea.

Therefore, people who have broken sacred laws or made wrongfull deeds against the gods, are ofthen killed on land or by being locked into seeled spaces as preventing them to be with the reast of the ocean.