About the race, tall as the mountin, strong as the sea.

Origin - Made for warEdit

The giants was first seen after the gods had created the folk and war had broken out with the dragons. It is clear to all, exept for themselfs perhaps, that their only purpous though was as soldiers for the war as they had verry little merit in anything else.

Their ApparenceEdit

Unlike the other races, there was not many gigants, and no children has been recorded of being consived. The few that are have all unique aparenses, from size, color, shape. most noted is that they do not ware any kind of clothing. Their bodey mostly covered in thick rock like skin like the trolls or natural groths of moss and such.

The Gift - To live another dayEdit

There is no record of any giant having any kind of magic gift. Their only odd trait more then their enourmous size is their lifespan that would seem to be infinet.

Pre. KatalystEdit

While only a few dozen giants was created in the begining, quite a few died during the war with the dragons. The reminding few that did survive rather left the other folk alone and either hid or moved far away, though as the other folk expanded their habitats they did sooner or later cross paths with the other rases, some would be kiled while some learned to live with their cohaitants in piece.

After KatalystEdit

During the katalyst war, most of the reminding giants was drawn into the war one way or another, many of the ones still alive fell during this time. After this the reminding giants still alive could easily be counted on one hand.

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