Many times ago, there existed four powerfull mages. Each one had mastered an element of their own, together they weilded fire, earth, water and air. It was said when fighting they where impossible to beat. And together they always where, no brawl they ever did lost. But so came a day, a young warlock simple a skill, sent them a gift with a gray stone, to which it said, however through it, it will hit the most powerfull mage. Luaghing, the four mages picked up the rock, and the weilder of air cast it into the air. Once up in the sky it sudenly dived, and landed direktly on his head and knocking him out. The other three where baffeled, for non of them had ever though he to be the most powerfull, insted the weilder of water throw it away, but only to have it return and knocking the air out of him. The other two though there must be a mistake, and so the weilder of earth cast it as far as she could and was rewarded with a hit as it came back that knocked her out as well, this was repeated as the furious master of fire when she thought the others to be grater then herself. In the end they had all fallen, this to a magic stone that the boy had enchanted to hit whatever the trhower wished for.

Lesson to be learned is; Pride is a weight that drops you like a rock.