"For thoes that search for power of the most mighty blade, only death they see, and their end they claim."


Kai Zen, or the Sword of divination as it aslo called. A famous blade that is said to tell it's wealder his or her entiere future as clear as day. But it is said that this future is always bleak, and ends primaturly with cruel death. This has lead to many has left the blade alone, despite it's tremendous power as to prevent their own demise, but some has tried to fight it, in order to keep the blade, only to fail.


It is said to have been forged by one of the dragons, as a trap to ensnare the humans during the first age. Others mean that it was given to the gods to a man in order to test their will to prevent death, and whoever manage would be raised to godhood.


It has a shine of silver but is close to instructable, magicaly protected and a glow of magical power that appares as a thin mist emiting from the blade itself. The handle is a one and a half, forged metal handle with a cross hand guard, no juelry or intricate ornament exept for simple runes that are all connected as a map of stars.


The Kai Zen is deskribed as to enhance its weilder imensly, but also to brake trough any material, virtually indestructable.

Curse is brokenEdit

While the curse is never lifted, during the Dark Age the blade is chatered into eleven pieces, all who somehow keep their ability to fortell their dark future, all thees peices are then scatered around the world.

A piece of 4Edit

The Kai Zen is one of the four wepons that is grouped together, being called the unwanted due to their curses that make the weilder wish they never lay a hand on them.

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