The katalyst is a name used on the day when magic was lost to the world. The name originates from the war that broke out in fallout of the event, as well as many other changes made at that time. That being the industrial revolution that spread outside the Tomtur empire. The change in ownership of land as both dragons and nymphos disappeared.

The event took place year 972 of the Golden age but the actual reason for the event in it self was not discovered however until the end of another grate war, often referred to as the decent. This was done at year 221 of the Steam age by the individuals of Rozintia Aringway and her closest crew as well as Brenda, Darragh and Amineh as they travel to a location named the "tomb of darkness"

It is at this location they learn that the catalyst was a side effects to the imprisonment of a being named Eon by using a device left by the old gods. They learn in fact also that magic did never dissapare as much as it was rapidly drawn into the prison to keep it going. They also find that the missing races are all stored in cryo sleep in order to preven their death and preserve their wellbeeing as the sideeffect on magic was known. All this was discovered in images and recordings stored in crystals placed within the tomb.

They also learn there in more details of how magic work itself, gaining understanding the drainedge and how so plan a way to surcomvent it. But on a more darker note they also realize that the Eon is about to escape and has to plan for stopping it.