There once was a king who had a most magnificent palace and everything around him was beutifull and nice. But what he desiered most was a pet that fitted his most handsome estate. So one day came a man selling criters from both far and wide. And the King demanded his most carismatic and best looking creature. And so he recived a cat with golden fur, teath of silver and eyes like dimonds. It was the envey of all and the kings favorit.

But so came a day, when the cat killed a calf, but while the people complained, the king heard it not. And so this continued, that it was first a cow then a donky, then horse and finaly i child. But no mather what did the king listen to the people, untill one day when he was out in his garden, his most enourmus a pet had become as large as a barn, and before he knew it, the creature ate the king in one quick swoop.

So lesson be learned: Never let your vanity rule, as it will consume you like fire.