"Leviathan, King of the sea, it swolows the ships that goes astray. So sailors bewhere, of the dark crushing deapths if you want to live another day."

The King of the SeaEdit

Some say they are dragons, untuched by magic, still living in the deapths. Their size is huge and hunger never ending. This is the dread of the sea and no sailor have ever walked a ship and not know about the monstrosity. Though not to many has been spoted but if one was searching, then it would be in the wather of the storm they wait. Many belive though that they are the one that stir the ocean and make the tidalwaives and stormy winds.

One of a KindEdit

Most famous is the story of Pale Bone, a Emperor amongst the Leviathan, who rules it's kind as the alfa amongst critters. Large as an iland it can swolow a ship whole. The Merfolk have lots of songs and poems to him and his kin, as they are the creatures they fear most of all in the deapth.


The Leviathan is a serpentlike creature, but that has four large fins to help alongside its bodey. The head is close to that of a dragons, but it's mouth is a nest of tentacles like an octupus.

People belive it has a venom in it's teath most deadly on Khairan and some have even talked of that they can hypnotise with their gaze.

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