About the race, made of metal, filed with soul.

Origin - Magic MetalEdit

No one living knows exactly where they do come from. Though some scripture state that they have been spoted as early as the first age, there is no tangeble proof of this. The first detailed recording a Ra'sha'mar was a Troll expedition that found, and acording to their report, awoken them at a buried ruin outside Bheilaan borders.

Their ApparenceEdit

As the Ra'sha'mar is a living armor it is discused if their looks are the armor itself or the forces that moves it. But as the magical power is not something vissable one usualy refer to their armored exterior.

Due to their power to posses any armor there are ofthen different looks on most of their race, but sometimes when a few has possesed the armor of the same maker they initialy have the same looks. It is heard of that they have made their own armor but most ofthen they use what is at hand, no preferences has been found more then that they shoose armour that is most usable to their tasks. If the Ra'sha'mar is in duty as worior they favour heavy armor while thoes of scouts or crafts use more light and sometimes more ornamented armor.

As to their pressence excluding their metal frame, most people refer to their speach as being a constant wispers of many voices, something that have led to speculation if there all one and the same, only split into many forms.

The Gift - Never to live, Never to dieEdit

While their own existense is lead to belive being magical they does not seem to be effected by the events of the Katalyst. Though times that it has been seen they use magic is verry few as they mostly only use whatever weponry they find close by if any needed.

The most noteworthy gift would be their imortality, whenever one is defeated in combat and their "body" destroyed, it only takes a short while before another armor close by is filed by it's spirit and they return.

From the few people who have been alowed to study them though it appares that even if they take no harm in this transfer, they still behave differently afterwords in most cases.

After KatalystEdit

It was not untill the middle of the Katalyst war that the first Ra'sha'mar was discovered, and while they did not to apare have any previous alegianses they did not aquier any after their enitial awakening. While some did begin to work individually with different factions as sellswords during the war, most cept to themselfs, almost always afot to unknown destinations.