"You see it all askew, mostly diferent from you. But then sudenly there is something new, when your mirror comes climbing through."

Looks like you or something elseEdit

The Serpant is a creature that travels in or trhough mirrors. No one knows where they come from and some mean they are from another plane or world all thogether. They like to look like people but sometimes other creatures or things, they are good mimics and are quite deadly with odd abilitys. Most important their ability to walk trough mirrors.

There are creatures that have grate power within the mirror world but are stuck in their shape somewhat in khairan. Most have the posibility to create glass like chards as claws and teath but also tools.

Many speak of the Serphant king, as a sort of urban lore he is a creature that if you speak his name, he will come to your mirror and kill then one you think of in exhange of your own life.

Section headingEdit

The creatures real apparence is not really known, but when hurt they blead something like murcury and when destroyed split like the mirror they come from. They can also resape parts into that of glass like apparence and form it to some limited extents.

Otherwhise they take the mirrored apparence of that they see from the other side of the mirror.

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