" There is no door that jack can't open, much like the skeleton key, there is no thing to lock it out."


There is no persson who has not heard of the famous key, able to open any lock and door. It is named in many a poems, songs and tales.


The skeleton key was created during the golden age by the famous Michell Stormwill. Made on a request by a theif named Garzu, who was said to hope chalenge the mighty Long Jack herslef. The key was lost when he was captured and has then traided owner many a time.


It is a rather small key, about a finger long. Not much embelishment as with many other things made by Michell.


Is said to be able to open any lock or thing exept any other thing made by Michell Stormwill. This include also spells, knots and other things that lock things into place. No one know where the exat line is drawn on what is accounted for as "locked".

The key rechape it self to make fit for any lock.