The story of the staff of Nox comes from the acctuall Story of Nox. As some older versions tell of how the death gave the power of resurection to the shepards staff, leting him bring life to his son as he found his bodey.


The storys in question tells the staff in grate detale, being a finely carved ocen staff with a thick bottom and a crocked top from which hang a three bels in a whool string. The bells would be in brass and in squeere shape.


While no one who claimed to have found the staff have been able to be verified. It is belived to have the power to either bring back anyone to life in their original state, though the grater part belives that the staff instead gives life to whatever state the bodey is curently in, thinking that any harm or such preventing it from continued existense is compensated for in magic from the staff. No asumptions to duration of the spell is made.

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