"She is silent as the night, whish she rules with animals bite, and is the mother of the trolls"

Ruler of the nightEdit

She is said to be the sister of first, and with her ferosious and animal ways, she formed and twisted some of Antil's men into toys of her own, this became the first of the trolls. She geve them protection from all kinds of harm, and thought them her ways, of magic and combat. She ofthen was hiden in the darkest of forests, only to be seen, by reflections of moonligt. Some did belive, she also was the first, to take form of others, be it wolf or the raven, though if she wanted to truly hiden, she dissapared like the fog.

The powers of her mask, was though to give it's wherer the ability to trully dissapare, without sound, smell or even trails in the snow.


Like the others she whore a armor of metal, though not as shiny as the rest, insted she covered in cloth, and a pelt of a most cruel of bears. Her mask that hid her most butifull face, was that of pearly white, like the shine of the moon, adorned with the borders of gold.

Some belive that this is the mask that is worn by "Jack", while others belive she only made it herself in Suraa's image.

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