One of the largest tribes of humans there is, but also without a town of their own. The caravan is a traveling tribe that lives in mobile homes. This began at the 1217 of the first age acording to imperial calendar. The Tribe had been living in the country of Doheim, but after a natural disaster of what was discribed as a vulcanic outbrake, the city and many nearby villages had to evacuate and formed the caravan. As they first tryed to seek rescue and shelter in other nearby citys, the ongoing political unrest had not food nor place to chare and asked of them to join the ranks of soldiers to fight in their armys. Upon disagreeing they where forced to continue their jurny, after a long time, quite a few of the elderly and young had left for what life they could manage in the citys they passed. But most continued on and after growing to the lifestyle on the road. They finaly dicided on to continue their jurny, making their main income that of trading as merchants or aranging festivities and shows where they where or the many exelent craftmanships and stong men and whomen lend the hands on the farms they passed, other then that they made due of what they could hunt in the free forests and fish in the sea.

We follow the lawEdit

"Your host speak only trouth" is not only a saying but a lifestyle of the caravan. As they have traveled the world, many other creeds and races has joined as well, all of them bringing their own filosofies and wills, and when staying at other places then their own, the caravan is always polite and follow sticktly the rules and costums of where they are. Knowing that that would they stive from this path, words would travel and they no longer would be welcome there. This have lead to the caravan having a strong reputation as being the most harch and lawabiding people amongst thoes in Khairan, this also stretch to them being very stikt on honor and trouth also creating the saying. "Honor is a straw house."

Life of feastEdit

The caravan is also higly known for the feist and festivals they arange during sesonal holidays whenever they visit a town. This of course is to help their selling of goods as people in high spirits are more lose with coin, but also it helps them to build their famous image in other towns they vissit, making it largly a honor for any to recive them as guest in their city for whatever time they plan to spend there.