"A room full of trinkes, like a goldmine of the gods for whoever can claim it."


It is said that the is few a battles as fearsome as the one of Michell Stormwill against Crown the dark soursorer. Though there is no one known to have witnessed it first hand, the story has grown into something of it own. As there was no survivor known people has asumed they vanquished each other.

What was left was the workshop of Michell, the owner of Watchers Castle, forever lost as the spell on the castle was broken, belived to be conected to her life and sealing the room that was never found. People said it would be a treasure trove of magic for that one who found it.

But so one day, many a years later, there began to surface trinkets and enchanted items, all with the brand of Michell. Some say it was found by someone and was now selling the things found.


While there was already a few things made by Michell avalable, the new things that could be found was all unbranded with the normal seal that she put on her items, most say it is as she either did not inted to ever sell the things or that they where not compleated as she did lots of experimental magic. Some mean also that the battle at the castle had managed to damage or alter the relics, making them behave odly and acording to some, if combining a few of the items they gained new powers and uses.

What makes people still belive it is her belongings even though they are unmarked, there is still lots of other marks and hand made parts that are easily confirmed by a trained eye. Some mages can also detect her magic mark on the items. Though there are of course many who try to forge and sell items, claiming they belong to her creations.

List of Known ItemsEdit

And their known Powers

  • Table
  • Chair
  • Mirror
  • Quill
  • Clock
  • Houerglass
  • Weight
  • Hammer
  • Lupe
  • Lamp
  • etc.