"You never hear it talk, or when around it walk. Nor does it hear you plead, as it on you feed."

Power of SilenceEdit

Thees creatures emits a energy or sound, that mutes that of everything else. They ofthen hunt alone, but live in small groups and clusters, most ofthen underground. They can dig very well and fast, leting them both hide but also jump their pray if they do not look out. But they are not locked to the ground as they are also exelent climbers. Both of thees taletns comes from their long claws on their feet and hands. They also posses a long toung that is rather usable for different things but most of all let them taste their suroundings like a snake.

Many belive that the silent comes from humans who has bread with dragons, something that is thought of being higly taboo in any society. And their presence is a warning from the gods, to punish the humans from their betrayal.


Their outwards apparence is close that of a human, but with pale leathery skin, their eyes are black and their fingers and toes are quite long with even longer claws on their end. The toung is as long almost as half their bodys length.