"You give something to get something."


It has been mentioned in more then one of the tales of old. Be it in Jacks adventure or Troll proverbs. There is no telling of how old it really is, but wanted by most, hoping to trade for something of worth.

Some legens say there is a mask of the gods stored and hiden in the mirror.


The oldest tale tels of a mirror made by the dragons, as a means of creating the gates of Torysews, they made the Tilliarim, or "Traders Mirror" as it is later called.


The mirror is a large uneven raged stone, whos one side is cut to a flat reflective surface like a mirror. As a later adition perhaps, there is a large unfitting frame atached to the outside of pollished copper.


The mirror is able to absorbe any one item that is put the surface as if sliding it down in water, a time later the miror releas something else from within.

The rules of the mirror is:

  • It never returns what was put in.
  • Nothing living can enter the mirror.
  • It can only be used once per night.

How the mirror decide what to give back or from where it comes is unknown to all, and no magic sientist has been able to crack if it gets if from somewhere else, or extrude what has been entered at a erlier time.

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