"They come in the night through the realm of dreams. Eathing your memories, begining where hapiness beams."

And then, you cannot rememberEdit

The Void Callers are somewhat tiny beings, like that of the Fay, some belive it's their kind turning evil, formed by darkest of magic. Though no one knows for sure. It is said they eat on ones memories, only leaving void and nightmare beind. If if not fought away, then one day there is nothing left but a empty husk.

If one is hounted by nightmare or feal that they are loosing their memories, people hang dried leavs of a cloth, smoked in fire, as to keep the critters away.


Much like shadows they appare, fuzzy in the edges, as if not compleatly solid, their eyes are specs of light, upon their back is a glow like folded wings.

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