"About the race, they never lie, or tell untrouths, serching for their meaning."

Origin - From the starsEdit

The specis of khassan was born on ôikzt, a large oxygen based planet where they experienced a somewhat hotter climat over larger parts of the world then perhaps many others.

Their ApparenceEdit

They have a somewhat lizardbased apparence, they have multiple extra senses and two pair of eyes, two front side and two more on the side. They also have somewhat soft structure that lets them bend many of their limbs such as the head. All of this makes them very perseptive in itself and very hard to sneek up on or trick.

The Gift - Taste of liesEdit

Their main gift is their ability to taste and see phermones and other things that makes it virtually imposible to lie to a Vyt, even more so between themself. They therefore belive only to speak the trouth and any fallshood is seen upon as the gratest ofence.