"With one placed pebble, one can bring down a whole empire, or create a new."


While most Tomtur are ateists, during the golden age a group of tomtur formed a cult of conspiraist's who follows what they call Xiotism, the path of chaos. This belif have later then spread amongst many more folk and is now a popular underground faith to many.

Belif and GodsEdit

They belive that there is no such thing as chaos, only a grand scheme of order that is to complex to understand and therefor apare as giberish for thoes that cannot see the plan. They belive that every action is a grand big plan set by the universe for a single pourpous and that there is a sertain goal with the plan. Who first started it they do not know, or if it is a natural force or just a random event. But they belive it all leads to a sertain point and the goal of the belivers is to figure out what the point of it all is.

Rules and ScriptureEdit

There is no dogma to the followers but they have a simple and eloquet ruleset within the comunity and the underground temple they have teir meetings at and are discussing the theories and such of chaos and order.

Holidays and PractiseEdit

They have no known holidays and as a practice they only have secret meetings within the order.

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